6 Creative Graphic Design Tips for Social Media

Have you heard that images speak a thousand words? I’m sure you have.

Well, on social media they speak a million. When you design them with the intention of engaging your followers, you can seriously increase conversions and engagement, and boost your overall brand experience.

So, the best thing to do for your brand is to create content that not only stands out but is visually memorable. And the best way to do that? Use our 6 social media graphic design tips.

1. What is your Goal?

The first and most important of the graphic design tips when creating social media content is that you need to have a goal. Setting up a goal will be the base in creating your design for your social media content.

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Having a goal will not only help your design for social media content but it will also allow you to tell your message visually. So, you need to figure out the purpose of your post;

  • Is it to drive sales?
  • Am i trying to increase traffic to my website?
  • Do i want to increase engagement on my page?

2. Visual Identity

Make sure to include your logo in every image. It’s great to include your logo in your pictures because you want people to associate it with your brand but making it half the size of the picture or more will come off as too cluttered.

The point of creating graphic designs for your social media content is not only to tell a story but to attract an audience. So if your graphic has no branding, the whole effort becomes ineffective. It doesn’t have to be a big and bold, just enough to ultimately let people know where it’s from.

3. Engaging Question Graphics

It’s essential to remember that social media is not a one-way broadcasting system. You are starting a conversation every time you post. That’s a major point that some brands miss.

When you start thinking more in terms of it being a two-way conversation between you and your audience than it can change the way you create content and start the conversation.

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It’s your job to provoke the dialogue and there’s no better way to start it than with an engaging question graphic. To create your own, think about what questions would make your audience engage with you most. Create a beautiful graphic that stands-out and can start an authentic conversation with your audience.

Other ways you can engage your audience include:

  • Quotes in engaging font & shape
  • Infographics/ Charts
  • Behind the scenes
  • Themed days (Motivation Monday, Throwback Thursday, etc.)
  • Reposts
  • Mesmerizing Photos

4. Consistency

Having established your goal early on this will help your brand work towards a consistent look. Giving your followers a chance to quickly recognize you on their feed. Make sure all your content that you create is consistent with your brand. Always posting content in the same style can be challenging at times but being able to establish a strong brand identity will make it worth it.

When keeping up with consistency make sure that all your designs are cohesive across all platforms. These consistent elements will tie each post together and make your brand easily recognizable!

5. Know thy Platforms

Knowing ahead of time what works best with each platform will not only help visually with your audience but will make things easier for you in the long run. Below I’ve listed 3 social media platforms and included some tips for each.

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  • Facebook
    • Is geared toward the older generation
    • Makes great use of articles and promotions
    • Sizing: 852 x 315 cover photo; 180 x 180 profile picture; 1,200 x 630 regular shared post
  • Instagram
    • Geared toward millennials
    • Lifestyle shots are great
    • Sizing: 1080 x 1080 post; 1080 x 1920 stories; 1080 x 1350 portrait; 1080 x 566 landscape; 110 x 110 pixels profile picture.
  • Twitter
    • Great for engagement
    • Great for celebrities
    • Sizing: 1500 x 500 header photo; 400 x 400 profile picture; 900 x 512 post

Know what works best on each and know you’ll have to resize each piece of content to fit the dimensions of every platform you plan to share a social media graphic design with. It may seem tedious, but a quick size check could make the difference.

6. Keep it Simple

It can be easy to get lost and carried away with so many great graphics and fonts to choose from but by reducing clutter you are more likely to get your message across!

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Make sure each design reflects the message you’re trying to tell. Simple is always best when it comes to graphic design. By helping to reduce clutter you’re more likely to get your message across!




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