6 Ways To Increase how much Money you make On Suvenia.com

 1.Increase Your Margin
Suvenia.com offers you the oppourtunity to determine your profit margin on each product, allowing you focus on your key strength,which is understanding your audience. Because we know you are the only one who knows the true value of your designs, we want you to maximise the value.
 2.Use catchy Keywords
Catchy keywords are just as important as the creativity you put to your designs. No point creating a design that cannot be easily discovered. Use catchy keywords that stick in the mind of your target market (consumers) and commands their attention
 3.Create more products
It’s just not enough to create one product or to use one design on one product. Spread your design wide and make multiple combinations. Don’t forget, you are creating for an audience with various individual tastes. To get the best out of your multiple products, create a store and bring all your similar products into the store. You can create multiple stores for multiple similar products.
 4.Write a blog post about your product
It’s now easy to write an opinion. Write something on your Blog, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, that is very relevant to your target audience, and subtly introduce your merchandise to them. Basically share thoughts about what they would like without sounding commercial, then introduce the commercial bit subtly.
 5.Share on social media sites
While Suvenia will help you push to her community, it’s ultimately down to you to cultivate your niche target consumers sharing pictures and links to your store on all social-media platforms. You can even run promotions to reach out to more people. Separate your personal social media handle, from the ones you use to promote your store. That way, you can create multiple stores and not be stuck.
6. Create and Use Catchy Design
People are extremely visual and the success of your store or products will come down to two things, the size of your niche, and the quality of your design. Having found a niche, make sure you spend quality time to create simple but remarkably striking designs. Get inspirations from Canva, Unsplash.com, Cafepress, Tesspring, Spreadhsirt, e.t.c and make kickass products.
Always remember that the success of your store and products is largely down to you. We are convinced that if you follow the steps outlined above, you would rake in much more money than you currently do.

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