8 Tips For Creating Surface Pattern Designs

The job of a surface pattern designer is to create patterns and repeat them. When the design is repeated, the surface gets a character, movement, energy, and life as well. However, most such designers work in a specific field to have mastery over a style.

For example, many of them are product designers, while others are textile designers. They are the people who can imagine patterns and then work on realizing them into a design and style. Therefore, a surface pattern designer must know more about fashion trends and colors.

But there is more to creating a surface design pattern. You need to be proficient in all aspects of the designing.

Here We Give You Some Essential Tips To Design Fine Surface Pattern Styles:

1. Pay Attention To Things Around

You should develop the habit of observing the world around you so that you find some patterns lying in nature and artificial things. Make sure that you have sufficient reference material at hand before you start designing work.

Remember that an idea can come from anywhere. Even a tiled pavement or a well-decorated house can stimulate your creative brain for new ideas. How about exploring nature’s flowing lines to illustrate your designs? You should be inspired by the objects, shapes, and sounds prevailing everywhere in nature.

2. Be Authentic

It’s easy to be incredibly inspired by looking around the web or things around, but remember to never be ‘too’ inspired by someone else’s work. Find your own personal style and stick with it.

3. Keep A Record Of Your Ideas

Surface pattern designs vary a lot, and you have to come out with an entirely different idea every time for products, apparel, and other surfaces. Many ideas come to mind but you forget them frequently after you are busy working on a particular project. But those ideas are valuable.

So, keep the record of the places, products, people, etc. that you found interesting. You can also use sketchbooks on the go to make little doodles, drawings, and sketches. Then, you can revisit them to have a fresh look and use the ideas later for different projects.

 4. Adopt A Simple Pattern Style

Make sure that you develop a simple surface design pattern style that viewers can understand immediately at the first glance. You can give a vintage twist to your colorful pattern design, but it should not get complicated. Simplicity is the key to creating unique designs.

5. Make Use Of Old Works

One of the best ways to design creative patterns is to use your own old works and give it a new twist. If your client has seen your past works, you can convince him to adopt from those works and develop new patterns from them. In that case, there is no need to make a new design. Instead, play around with individual elements of old designs to create a colorful and dynamic illustration.

6. Tell A Story

When designing patterns, think in terms of themes and story lines. run the theme throughout each pattern, the title of the collection, the names of each pattern and even the color names you choose.

7. Take A Look At The Trends

Find out what is trending in the world of surface pattern designing. You will come across some trend forecasting. Think of using some of them as per the requirement of your clients. But make sure that when following the trends, you give them your own style. Do not follow the trends purely as they are without molding them into your style to give the design unique looks.

8. Know That You Can

You can do this. You really really can! all you have to do is decide to do it, no matter what it takes. It will take sacrifice, dedication and hard work but you CAN do it.





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