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Do you know about “Correct Student” ?

“Correct Student” is a radio show that celebrates the excellence in young people. It informs, educates, and entertains students on their journey to success giving information about their achievements.

The “Correct Student” also has a website which offers editing and proofreading services for admissions, with scholarship essays included. In a world where youths are being distracted by the negative things on internet and social media, it’s good to have an initiative that encourages them to contribute to themselves and the nation in more positive ways.

With interesting and such knowledge spreading on this platform, young people will be encouraged to be entrepreneurs and empowered with endless possibilities.

Want to be a part of this programme? Tune your radio set to City 105.1 fm every Thursday at 3pm.

Also, “Correct Student” has a store with beautiful designs and merchandise on our platform. Visit our website to check out the store.

Correct Student
Correct Student
Correct Student
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