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Dev Store; Different web projects require different skills but some skills are common for all web developers. Working on these skills can turn a good developer into an excellent developer. Below is a list of top 5 crucial skills that every developer must have:

  1. Get Familiar with the Development Process: A decent developer should be able to put things into perspective and see the bigger picture. This involves understanding the way developer’s team interacts with each other and the effect this has on the product they’re working on.
  2. Stay Informed: Keeping the pace with the technology innovations can be tough. It’s constantly changing at such a fast pace, to the point that staying up-to-date is nearly impossible. So, here’s a piece of advice. Try to narrow your focus. Become an expert in a couple of carefully selected areas to focus on your qualities and maximize your abilities as a developer.
  3. Always Test: Try not to build something if you cannot guarantee it will work perfectly. The developers need to be excellent problem solvers and also great at debugging code. It’s the little things that count.
  4. Communication: Learning how to communicate your thoughts, ideas and designs clearly and successfully is another crucial skill every developer should work on. Be more human, show understanding, and figure out how to utilize circumstances to boost your good fortune. The web development can be a competitive field – ensure you have the upper hand.
  5. Learn how to Manage your Time: A developer who uses proper time management techniques can be relied upon to deliver projects and meet deadlines, which is a valuable skill to have. Learn how to multi-task and figure out how to delegate assignments to other (human) resources in case you need to.

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