Don’t just laugh, make Money from Trends too!

A Trend is anything that’s hip, popular or in vogue at a particular time. Take an example of the Gtbank food and drinks fair event which was recently held on April 29 to May 1, 2018. The event sought to promote Nigeria’s culture through the toll of food and also to bring together small businesses in Nigeria’s food sector, famous international chefs, lovers of food and food experts to create the biggest food experience in Africa.Delicious meals of local dishes and foreign meals were served.

However, before the event people had been hyping it, who and who was going, what was going to be on attraction, which delicacies would be available, what to be worn (and not just the ladies), which hot babe or guy they were going to land and so on. Customized shirts, caps, souvenirs etc, were not left out of the conversations.

We have had so many trends in the last month ranging from the famous Black Panther Movie, to Avengers Infinity Wars.

Then came Davido’s Assurance; Famous musician Davido latest single “Assurance” which he dedicated to his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday and to proclaim his love for Chioma. The song recently hit over 2.8m views on Youtube in 6 days. And guess what, people are already creating their ideas off Davido’s assurance.

And of course when the stories and sentiments of Lazy Nigerian youth broke. Yup, some  “very lazy” people also made  a business out of it.

So, now that you know what a trend is and you understand that people are making money off it, why don’t you go ahead to create your first own idea and product on Best part is, you really don’t have to do much. Just find the trending idea you want to take advantage of, create your design on the product, start selling it, market it on your social media and start making money. Suvenia will handle everything else it involves to make your idea a reality and start putting money in your pocket.

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