Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1: The 12 Best Lines

Game of Thrones returned for its eighth and final season with an episode filled with lines of dialogue to enjoy.

The episode marked the reunion of several main characters, including Jon Snow and Arya Stark, and did a good job of doling out screen time to each member of its crowded ensemble.

Elsewhere, it featured a hilarious reference to last season’s controversial Ed Sheeran cameo as well as a terrifying death at the hands of the Night King, an explainer of which you can find here.

Below are the 10 best lines from the premiere, titled “The Contest”.

Sansa: [snarkily] “What exactly do dragons eat?”
Daenerys: “Whatever they want.”

Tyrion: [about Joffrey’s wedding] “it was a miserable affair.”
Sansa: “It had its moments.”

Jon: [about Arya’s sword, Needle] “Have you ever used it?”
Arya: “Once or twice.”

Qyburn: ”I’m afraid I bring terrible news: the dead have broken through the wall”.
Cersei: “Good.”

Cersei: [to Euron] “You want a whore, buy her. You want a queen, earn her.”

Bronn: [after being told Cersei wants him to kill Tyrion and Jaime] “That f***ing family.”

Yara: [to Theon] What is dead may never die – but kill the bastards anyway.”

Jon: [after riding a dragon] “You’ve completely ruined horses for me.”

The Hound: “You left me to die.”
Arya: “First I robbed you.”
The Hound: “You’re a cold little bitch, aren’t you? Guess that’s why you’re still alive.”

Jon: [about Daenerys] “She is not her father.”
Sansa: “No, she’s much prettier.”

Eddison Tollett: ‘Stay back! He’s got blue eyes!’
Tormund: ‘I’ve always got blue eyes!’

Sam: [about learning of Jon’s true heritage] Me and Bran worked it out. I had a High Septon’s diary and Bran had… whatever Bran has.”


Have you watched the first episode of the epic final season? What are your favourite lines?

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