Graphic Designers; Be Creative And Win A Great Opportunity

Graphic Designers are you ready?!

If you are a graphic designer, this is an opportunity for you to grab instantly. This opportunity is fun and one for you to test your wit against others. So get on your competitive hat and get in here.

This Design contest competition is for all graphic designers to get creative and How does viagra work a token first prize, or at least a movie ticket for the efforts. All you need to do is just carefully read the terms and conditions if you want to join this fun game.

Graphic Designers Graphic Designers

So if you create exciting, simple and clean designs, here is a chance for you to launch something you have something thought about. A design line. allows you to create ideas on products and earn money at no cost or risk to you.

Visit to participate in the challenge, use your skills now and win the contest.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

See below the Terms & Conditions to partake int he contest

1.) Designs must be themed and based on any of the following: Weddings/Birthdays/Anniversaries/Popular Culture

2.) All designs must be originally yours.

3.) Designs must be uploaded on Products on

4.) Only stores with at least four (4) products will qualify as entries

5.) Offer is valid between August 1st to August 15th

6.) Designs are subject to review and approval. Kindly review Suvenia’s FAQs and terms to familiarize

7.) Overall winner to be selected by in-house Jury

All the best!

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