How to succeed in the Nigerian Music Industry

This last weekend was really restful for me. It’s safe to say I sort of slept to stupor; good for me I guess. Due to the cringing boredom I was experiencing, on Sunday evening i stepped out to a bar in the neighborhood, ordered a bottle of drink and a bowl of fresh fish pepper soup.

I was halfway through the delicacy when the conversations of the group across my table, began filtering into my ears. What I heard was quite funny and interesting. What I found most interesting was the passion with which some young men were discussing about the music industry.

In the midst of this young men, was a high-energy individual lamenting about how almost impossible it was to be relevant in the music industry, considering how he’s recorded tons of demos, performed at a lot of shows, did a number of commercial videos and yada yada blah blah without ever breaking into the limelight. He further added that he had been professionally involved for more than ten years now. The guy was simply “parraing”. Thankfully, one of his peers responded in Yoruba, saying “Alaye o ma lati ni suru gidi gaan ni o, asiko e oti to. Osha mo pe lucky ni kini music yi”. Meaning: My brother, you’re going to have to keep exercising patience, your time hasn’t come. You should know this music thing is all luck.

This comment was good for me on two levels, it brought the rants of his peer to a screeching halt, and left me pondering on the import of his statement. I have my thoughts, but first I would like to ask you for yours. Is success in the music industry down to sheer Luck? What is the role of hardwork? Do kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below…


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