Nigeria Independence Day

Nigeria Independence
Nigeria @ 58

Independence Day: Nigeria became an independent Nation from the British in 1960. The process which had started years before, finally came to a conclusive end in October 1st, 1960. As a result, every year, irrespective of creed, tribe and faith, Nigerians all unite to celebrate this historic period in our journey as a Nation.

No matter the levels at which our patriotism is at, one thing we can all be excited about is the Public Holiday set aside to celebrate the country’s independence.

Public Holidays affords us the chance to spend more quality time with our family and friends, relax, rest from our busy schedules and generally catch up on areas of our lives that has been left behind.

Event organizers use public holidays such as this to organize music concerts, comedy shows, road walks to raise awareness for one cause or the other.

Entirely, the independence celebration in Nigeria has its moments and fun-fair that makes it worth looking forward to.

So, here are some fun and interesting facts about Nigeria.

1. The Declaration of Nigeria’s Independence was signed at Federal Palace Hotel, which was then known as Victoria Beach Hotel.

2. The Bristol Hotel, Lagos Island is said to be the first hotel in Nigeria.

3. Up until 1984, Nigeria citizens traveled Visa free to the United Kingdom.

4. As far as Hotel chains go, Nigeria has the highest number of hotel rooms in Africa with over 15,000 rooms.

5. Nigeria has the largest diversification of Butterflies in the world.

6. The Third Mainland Bridge (in Lagos State) connecting Lagos Island to the Mainland is the longest bridge in Africa – it measures about 11.8 km

7. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the 8th most populous in the world with a population of more than 160 million people.

8. Evidence from archaeological discoveries has shown that there was a history of human existence in Nigeria which has been dated to as far back as 9000 BC.

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Nigeria Independence
Nigeria Independence

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