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Okay, you have opened a store on and you have also uploaded your designs. Well, It doesn’t end there. If you create and display your art in the woods, does anyone see it? No!. Not without a little word of mouth.

We recommend simple ways to promote your designs and turn your shop into a productive one. They are:

1. Separate Social Media Accounts For Your Designs And Personal:

Your social media presence needs to be clear-cut and obvious to anyone who stops by your pages. So, it’s a good idea not to mix the two when getting the word out about your shop. Your art should be in the front and personal in the back.

For example, an Instagram profile filled with selfies and pictures of you makes it difficult for fans to find, admire and purchase your work.

Put the art you upload to your shop front and center.

2. Describe Your Art With A Mission Statement:

You do not need to write an epistle to describe your art work or design. You don’t have to reveal all the ingredients in the secret sauce for people to appreciate the flavor. The same goes for your mission statement.

What gets you up in the morning and keeps you up at night? Why do you create art and for whom do you do it? In one or two sentences tell your fans how you and your art relate with the world.

3. Share Work In Progress With Your Followers:

Share your work in progress with your followers, it offers a peek into your creative process. It’s also a great reminder, as an artist, that the journey is as just as significant as the destination.

4. Let Fans And Followers Into Your Workspace:

When you invite people to see your humble and  inspiring workspace, you share the reality of art making. Try snapping a few photos or even a quick video of your space. The gesture could go a long way.



Which Get the Word Out tip has worked for you in the past? Share successes and struggles in the comments section below.

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