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Bringing up a girl child is not so easy: Empowerment messages and impressive achievements are everywhere, yet depression and anxiety are real threats. Here are SIX steps to raising girls to be their best and confident self in spite of it all:

  1. Tell her you believe in her: Give your daughter this message often.
  2. Get her outside: Teen advocate, Debbie Reber explains that when you “push them outside their comfort zone, they realize that no matter the outcome, they survived and have the strength to face any challenge”.
  3. Pursue her interest: Take the things that your daughter shows interest in and help build on it.
  4. Parent with Empathy: Empathy makes your child know that she matters and that her feelings are important.
  5. Help her love her looks: Never put down your own body in front of your daughter
  6. Show interest in her academics: Demonstrate that academics  are important by showing interest in your child’s academic life.

If you believe in raising confident girls, you can wear your mark to show your passion to raise confident girls. We at Suvenia.com have beautiful designs and merchandise on our platform (www.suvenia.com) to show that you are a huge supporter of raising confident girls.

“Raise them to know that there are no gender barriers or roles and they can do anything they want to do in life” – James Guerry

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