Want to Create a T-shirt that Sells? – Here’s How

Selling merch online through print-on-demand marketplaces is becoming a popular business. The more popular it is though, the higher competition you will have. Most entrepreneurs have this problem because they don’t know how to create a t-shirt that sells. This may be due to lack of design quality, creative block, or personal factors. So, to create a t-shirt that sells, consider these tips:

Determine Your Target Audience

Keep in mind who you are trying to sell to. Whether it is gender-based, profession related, or even position targeted, consider them in your t-shirt design ideas. A t-shirt that sells is one that has customers waiting. For example, merch outside of a concert or event. These designs have a purpose and target audience.

Keep Your Design Simple

You may feel overwhelmed to design a lot, but don’t go overboard. A successful t-shirt that sells are typically the simple ones. These merch designs are meant to be used daily. So, keep things casual. Design complexity is a turn off. Having too much color or graphics is not necessary to a t-shirt, if anything, it’s more of an eyesore. Simple designs are the way to go in order to appeal to a large population. Make sure it is easy to understand or deal with. Also, ensure that it’s not luxurious, but plain, common, and easy on the eyes.

Create T-shirts for Events

During certain seasons or holidays, merch sellers take advantage of the occasion. Good merch sellers even go out of their way to design shirts for a group or trend. These types of designs usually sell well to the large public. One of the main t-shirt categories to design for is:

Seasonal topics

T-shirt designs for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day, etc. are always in demand. Holiday decorations can’t be avoided, so take advantage of the situation.

A t-shirt that sells is one that has purpose. There are many designs you can think of for seasonal topics. You can incorporate humor, romance, or even a sophisticated design into your draft designs. Be as creative as you’d like with these t-shirt designs, they will sell anyways.


Buhari score card
Buhari score card

Keep Adding New Designs

Research t-shirt design ideas to keep adding new merch to your portfolio. The more designs you put out there, the more sales you’d likely get. Delete old designs and create new t-shirts for your customers. Don’t get attached to one design, business is always changing.

Price Low

It’s a harsh rule to follow, but you should typically price low first and then increase the value later on. This strategy will attract consumers and allow them to test out a product without breaking their bank. If your t-shirts prove to be worth a higher value, then you can price higher. It’s more reasonable to start low since customers don’t know if they like your merch yet. Once they test out your product and determine that they like your brand, you can then raise the price.

For example, N1,500 for a shirt is too low and N8,000 will be considered too high. Understand a good range to stick to. Look at other t-shirt prices to compare.

Find Support and Feedback

Once you release your t-shirt design, get feedback from raw consumers and sellers. This is vital to selling merch. If you are selling to the general public, then it’s essential to know what they think of your designs. There are a plethora of options to join if you need feedback. Enter Facebook groups, or even engage on Instagram and Twitter to find out if your designs are up to quality. Only the consumers will determine if a product will sell or not. So, to create a t-shirt that sells, appeal to what the comments are saying.




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