WOW, you said yes! Now you are really excited he has proposed, and you have started wedding plans. Leaving the club of Miss to Mrs, takes you to cloud 9, but you are definitely not leaving the club without a bang. Enters your very own bridal shower! excite you.

Here are 7 tips we recommend you follow to have the most gazing bridal shower ever.

1.) Rock Solid Plan

You did not come to play, so why should your bridal shower look like a play? Sketch out your invite and list out our invitees, pick a date and time you think works for you and those you would love to be there, a great venue that doesn’t damage your pocket or your man to be’s pocket (you have to stay virtuous). We know you get the drift.

2.) Kick ass Games


Pick out maximum of three fun games to be played for the event. The point of a shower is to have fun with your loved ones so the games should be as interesting as your gang.The first game should be played when people start arriving so they can loosen up from wherever they are coming from to prepare them for more games. The famous “Truth or Dare”has been known to be a party stunner.

3.) The Event Order


Chatting and mingling has to be the first order of events, and finger foods and snacks must always come to the occasion. People get to introduce and familiarise with themselves.

4.) Just for Fun


A bridal shower is incomplete without karaoke, lip sync and dancing. You could even spice it up with the “extras”. *winks.

5.) A good Dessert



Desserts should be served, while the last game is going on. People get to answer few questions asked by the host including the bride, this helps to connect everyone

6.) A walk down memory lane



This is the often liked part of bridal shower, where you get to spill all the raunchy gist. Have your story ready to turn ears and heads, for example, your first date, your first kiss and how you imagine the future with him – all kinds of imagination are welcome.

7.) Gifts & Souvenirs

What is a bridal shower without gifts and souvenirs. Your friends give you gifts and you give them souvenirs to thank you for their time. You can get your souvenirs from suvenia.com including the t-shirts, hats and more for this day you dream of. You can even ask your friends to go on Suvenia directly to go and order their own tee or hat for your bridal shower.

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