How to Find Inspiration as a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a field, where things change very fast both in a creative and in a technical way. Though it is relatively easy to learn the technical skills, it is also very important to concentrate on expanding and improving your creativity. If you want to become a successful graphic designer, you should both master the technical and creative part of it.

Before we start discussing the ways to find inspiration, it’s important to note that there is a distinct difference between gathering inspiration and stealing someone’s work. Gathering inspiration is looking at what you like about a certain piece and using that information to create something of your own. Stealing someone’s work is copying what they’ve done and claiming that work as your own. Stealing is never acceptable, and in some cases, it can lead to very severe consequences.

So, here are 6 ways to find inspiration as a graphic designer and increase your creativity:

1. Seek Inspiration:

Don’t be afraid to seek inspiration from sources and genres outside of your niche. All forms of art can be sources of inspiration. Don’t limit yourself to seeking out the works of your direct competitors and others in your genre. Sometimes, the best sources of inspiration come from odd places. If you are only looking at art in your niche, you may find it difficult to gather inspiration. This happens because you’ve most likely seen all the current trends in your field of design. Step outside of your comfort zone and seek inspiration in non-conventional places.

2. Read Design Blogs:

Internet is just a huge source for design related information and inspiration. For example if you read other designers’ blogs or look some tutorials, your creativity will just boost.

3. Copy Your Old Designs:

Sometimes, we look at the works we have done before, and we think that we should get rid of them immediately. However, it is very important to keep them in order to see your progress and to improve your skills. So, instead of throwing them away, try to rework on them and make them better.

4. Interact with other designers:

Another important way of boosting creativity is to communicate with other designers. You should always speak to the ones who are better than you, who are more experienced in that area in order to learn some new skills from them. I know that it may be hard to admit that there is someone better than you, but if you want to really move forward, you should accept it and get the best of them.

5. Keep a Sketchbook:

It is very important for every graphic designer to have a sketchbook with him/her all the time. It is natural that sometimes ideas come to you when you don’t really expect them. So, it is better to have a sketchbook in order to work on ideas quickly rather than leaving them for later.

6.  Graphic Design Inspiration From Magazines and Print:

Even if graphic designers design for the web, there can still be a lot of merit in keeping a wide range of magazines, books, publications and even marketing material. Everything that comes through the door is a treasure trove of potential inspiration, evidenced that every graphic design studio has a range of books and other content at hand.



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