Other reasons why we give gifts.

Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a bachelorette, etcetera, as long as someone is celebrating  something and you’re attending, society demands that you take a gift along. But does someone have to be celebrating or marking an occasion before we can get them a gift? Definitely not! Here are other reasons why we give gifts:

  •  To express your love:

There are many ways you can show people that you love and appreciate them. Buying gifts for them is at the top part of the list. It lets them know that you were thinking ab out them.

  • To show appreciation:

When someone has been kind to you, it’s only right that you repay the kindness. Giving gifts is a good way to repay kindness.

  • To rekindle relationships:

It’s not exactly easy to stay in touch with everyone at every point in time, so when you feel like a link is breaking or a bridge is burning, sending out a gift to remind them that you still care about them is a great way to go.

  • To mark anniversaries: 

Celebrations of milestones together made even more beautiful by the exchange of gifts. Note, however, that gifts don’t always have to be expensive to be valuable.

  •  As an apology: 

At some point or another, we are bound to make mistakes, hurt peoples feeling and hurt one another. Saying you’re sorry alone, may not always do the trick. Sometimes, giving a gift as well might melt a heart of steel.

After all is said and done, whatever your reason is for getting someone a gift, shop at suvenia.com for tons and tons of customised gift ideas or call us on 09092223340.

5 unique wedding gifts newlyweds would be excited to get.


Pots, pans, wash bowls, basins and at best, washing machine; these are more often than not the regular gifts you see at weddings, given to the newly weds, even though the givers try but fail to hide the gifts in too much wrapping paper and sellotapes, forgetting that some of us have x-ray visions.

Knowing you, we can tell that you really want to give thoughtful gifts to that your friend, break out from giving cliche gift items, because your friend deserves so much more. But you don’t know what to give, that wouldn’t be random. Well, here are a couple items we hope would help.


  • Uniquely customised throw pillows:

You can customise these based on where you hope the new couple would put them. For the living room, his can have Mr. Right, while hers has Mrs. always Right. Or something else as cheesy, or the football clubs they support. While for the bed room, you know, bed room stuff wink wink. It’s a gift a little more personal than a basin.

  • Engraved dates or names or quotes bracelets:

These bracelets can be customised with the date they got married, the day they met, their initials or even just their favourite quotes. They’ll definitely treasure it forever.

  • Free spa day:

After all the stress of planning the wedding, making sure the day is a success, all the dancing and all those sleepless nights, they would definitely be knackered. A free spa day where they get full body massages, a chance to rejuvenate for the tasks ahead and all that good stuff, would be very much appreciated.

  • Wall key hangers:

They can just put this on the wall in the house and keep all important keys there. It would help shave off the 10 minutes that would otherwise have been spent looking for the key every morning. Make sure it is stylishly branded, so it can be multi-purpose; home decor and saviour.

  • Money:

“I hope I don’t make any more money this year, because there’s nowhere else to keep it and nothing to use it for”- said nobody ever! So, definitely, the newlyweds need money, especially with how they just spent so much on the wedding. A little extra money wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Whatever items you finally decide to get for the newly weds, call us on 09092223340 for topnotch branding like no other. Except for the money of course. Lol. Don’t forget to shop on suvenia.com for more gift ideas.

DIY gifts for friends for World Friendship day

Some times, people shy away from giving gifts to friends and even from receiving them because then, they feel indebted and have the urge to return the favour. Some of the time, it’s because of the stress that comes with getting gifts and not just because you’re a cheapskate. Lol

Well, it’s World Friendship day this weekend, so here are 5 DIY items you can make yourself and give your friends that would cost you nothing but love and time;

  • Open or play when: This is a very thoughtful gift that you can make with coloured cardboard, coloured papers, coloured markers, some glue, scissors, and an optional colourful string. You write beautiful notes that your friend can open when they are sad, when they need to be reminded of their worth, when they feel alone, etc in different coloured cut-out envelope shaped cases and glue to a bigger cardboard they can paste on their walls or you can record stuff they can play whenever instead.

  • Friendship bracelet: You can weave or knit matching bracelets for you and your friend, and for extra cool points, you can add initials of half hearts so that when you put both bracelets together, it becomes one heart.

  • Paper wall frame (Heart or Name letter): You can make a paper frame that is in shape of a heart or the first letter of their name. It would look good as a wall decoration, or on the door and they’ll think of you every time they see it.

  • Box ( For jewelries or random items): For making this, you can use wood, thick cardboard, or you can just recycle an old box looking thing. Make it look very fancy by painting or gluing beads or dazzles to it. Its up yo you really.

  • Friendship coupons: My personal favourite. You add special coupons your friend can “cash” at any time. Ranging from free hugs, to doing a chore, to making breakfast or doing their laundry. As long as it’s fun and free.

Happy world Friendship day to all friends. Those who left, those still with us, and those in our future. Cheers.


Shots and Chops.


As you drop your glass back on the table, laughing really hard, you look to the side and your eye catches the clock. You realise it’s 7pm. Your heart immediately sinks; you are no longer in the mood to finish your glass of Martini and suddenly everything is in slow motion. The music in the background fades away and you see your friend’s lips moving happily but you can’t hear a thing they’re saying. That hot guy from across the bar whose attention you’ve been craving all day has finally noticed you and is smiling back but you don’t even care anymore. All that is on your mind is how it is 7pm on Sunday when just 5 minutes ago, it was 5pm on Friday and you were walking out of the office, and now the weekend is over! How?

Well, good thing is, another weekend is here again, finally. (Side eye) So, you know that event you’ve been planning to turn up to this weekend? That one you bought asoebi for? How would it be if you just turn up there empty handed? Everybody will just know you only came for the jollof and we both know that’s not good for business, because you must impress. You’ve just gotta buy something along. Now you’re thinking about all the hustle of going to the market, especially with how everywhere is muddy these days and all that stress. Ugh.


But chill. Calm down. You don’t have to bother your head about how and where to get all that souvenir in such a short time, that’s why we are here for you. Just log on to www.suvenia.com/Giveaways , your one stop shop for souvenirs. Oh! Guess what? We don’t just provide you with these souvenirs, we brand too, and if you want, we can deliver! How awesome is that? You’re welcome. (bowing and blowing kisses)

Have a fabulous weekend darlings!

Summer time goodness.

The buzz for this time of year lasts all year round. Once one summer is over, the anticipation for the next one begins with ideas for a better next one, plans, places to see, travel destinations, people who we did not see at this family reunion and we’d love to see at the next, etcetera.

Loads and loads of pictures are taken during the summer time; from things we like, to people we think are cute, to that aunty that thinks she’s all that “oya snap me, snap me” and then very soon, we have to delete some pictures to make room for new ones, even ones we swore we’d never delete and we were going to treasure forever or use to blackmail our cousins till the next meet up, or that one where granny was forcing dad to have second helpings and treating him like a child. laugh out loud.

Well, (drum roll please) here comes suvenia.com to the rescue with our extra super power to take hold of life’s precious moments and keep them standing still forever on a Tee, Mug or any item of your choosing. Simply reach out to us with that picture or phrase you want to keep forever, and let us help you brand it on a Tee-shirt, Mug, Snap back or any other item. Visit us at www.suvenia.com today, you’ll be glad you did.

Must-haves For The Rainy Season.

Rainy Season Must-haves.

The rainy season is upon us, this is no news. It is news however that some people still get caught in the rain unprepared. So then, what kind of friends would we be if we don’t try to properly equip you for this rainy season? Here are a few must haves that you can also carry around with you.

Rainboots: No, it doesn’t have to be those really big black ugly looking ones that are very unflattering. Thankfully, there are now colourful and fancy ones now. Don’t be scared to get one.


Shades: I know, I know but the weather too is confused; this minute it’s raining cats and dogs, next minute, it’s hot enough to boil rice. So just in case, it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Umbrellas: Especially those ones that fold into sizes that can fit into your bag. Don’t know where to get one? Check out suvenia.com now. Now you don’t have to worry about getting wet.


Rubber Sandals / Flip Flops : After spending all that money getting those cute shoes , I’m sure you wont want that puddle of rain water to ruin it. Save yourself the stories that touch and get yourself rubber sandals.


Shower Caps: Instead of removing your wig in public and putting it in your bag thereby scaring people and attracting awkward glances and stares or ruinning your curls, just save yourself and have a shower cap handy in your bag. No need to thank us.



Id-ul-Fitr or Eid is one of the greatest Muslim festivals ever. It is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan. Eid is an Arabic word that means festivity, while fitr means breaking of the fast. At the end of the holy month, Eid is largely celebrated with friends and with family. Now, just per adventure you are at a loss as to where to celebrate this season with loved ones, here are a few ideas you can work around;

  1. Bay Lounge, Lekki, Lagos: Located in a beautiful and serene environment, surrounded by tall trees and water, Bay Lounge is one of the coolest hangout spots on the island. Also, the food and drinks are affordable and available in quite a wide variety. Great music and people too
  2. Seven Eagles Spur, Ikeja, Alausa: Although they have other super delicious types of foods, this chill location is famous for its really amazing Indian cuisine and outlook. Don’t believe us? A trial would convince you. Thank us later
  3. The Cinemas: This is in the mix for you movie lovers, especially with all those great movies out now, it’s definitely going to be a busy weekend, but the kind of busy we love because it involves food, movies and loved ones.
  4. The beach: Wind, tank tops, shorts, shades, sun hats, water bottles, tall trees and the ocean all around. Get the picture? Love it.
  5. Parks: Here, you would get to spend quality time with family. Eating, drinking, laughing, letting the breeze blow your hair, etc. Just pack a picnic mat, some food and cold drinks, hats (the wind would most likely be in your hair) and of course, your loved ones. lol

Have fun trying any of these places, we’d also love a feedback from you if we helped in any way. Happy holidays.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes.

"No mummy!no!I cant take it anymore. I'm leaving. I'm running away.I'm tired of the way he treats me. I'm certain he's not my father." Cried fifteen year old Tope to his mother because his father had failed on the promise he made at the beginning of the year to give him four thousand Naira for his end of year party.
 "Temitope oko mi, abefe ade,akinkoju" His mother eulogized. "Sit down. Tope, your father is doing the best he can, given the circumstances surrounding him right now. The things you know are only the things he chooses to show you. You are almost sixteen and not a child anymore, so I'll tell you the things you don't know. Your father lost his driver job about three months ago and has been doing menial jobs for his former driver colleagues. With the little he gets, he makes sure we have something to put in our bellies and transport you to school everyday. He has not had anything to eat for two days now because his friends have no menial jobs left for him to do, and he wants the little at home to be enough for you and I. He has sold almost every valuable possession he has; all that is left is the cloth on his back and the land he got from his father and plans to leave for you." She explained amid sobs she tried to cover as coughs.
"I'm so sorry mom, I had no idea. Why didn't he explain to me, why didn't anybody say anything? "Because Tope, he doesn't want you to worry your little head and he doesn't like to see you suffer. Being our only son, you are everything to him.
  By now, both Tope and his mom were sobbing. 
 "I'm so sorry mom, Would dad ever forgive me?" "Yes my baby, and he will always love you"

7 Wonders of Plantain (Dodo)

This is how you let them know just how much of a plantain loving gangster you are.  From roasted to fried to steamed to baked, it’s just the plantain lifestyle.

1. Plantain frittata.

Meals should be this exciting. Plantain in its versatility.

2. Roasted plantains filled with seasoned ground meat, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, and spices.

The best of transportation advised right now for a perfect lunch, dinner or even breakfast.

3. Dodo and eggs with vegetables, some sausages/ham.

We always mistake it for Pizza and it always makes us wish the pizza spot sold it. Look at how the plantains are stacked by the side on top of each other like domino’s chips.

4. Fried plantain/dodo lollipop and beans

Look at how the plantains are in formation as if it’s a Beyonce video they are shooting.

5. Assorted meats pepper-soup with sweet plantain.


Perfect a cold weather…weather for two.

6. Boli and grilled fish, plantain with vegetables

Look at how the golden-brown plantain has now formed crescent shape with the fish as if they are drawing the moon.

7. Tilapia fish pepper-soup with prawns, boiled plantain garnished with vegetables


Amid the sea foodness around, the golden plantain is beginning to look like the goldfish that has no hiding place. With all the pepper soup around, then this must be a water bed.

After all, said and done, which is the ultimate comfort food? In all its thousand shades, only plantain (dodo) can do this and much more.

Dodo made me do this.

The True Essence of Easter

Why do we celebrate Easter? There is a special attachment to the Easter celebration among the Christians? A lot of people celebrate Easter without understanding the reason behind the celebration. For some people, because of the stretch of the 4-5 days – Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, it is just a holiday period while for others, it is a time to rest from the daily hassles of every day work, etc.

Easter is a period set aside to acknowledge the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Good Friday symbolises the day when Jesus was crucified and placed in a tomb (whilst the Sabbath Day was observed), while Sunday marks the day when the women went to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body for burial, only to find that he was not there.

Most Christians refer to the week before Easter as “Holy Week” preceded by Lent (or Great Lent), a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance.

Easter points to the Love of God – the true essence of Easter. Easter defines love, Easter demonstrates God’s love, Easter epitomizes love, Easter enables us to love.

And with love comes giving, which Easter is known for. Easter gifts can range from greeting cards, gifts, ornaments , t-shirts and mugs to make your holiday the hoppin’ best Easter ever.

We wish all Christian faithful happy Easter.