How To Use Social Media To Get Clients

As we already know, social media has proved its worth in promoting different brands. Today, marketers apply a host of strategies to explore the social channels to their advantage. This platform is now perhaps the most used and effective way to drive customers than any conventional means. Still, success does not come easily when it comes to driving customers to a brand.

Similarly, freelance graphic designers also wish to use social media to find jobs regularly. But not all of them actually benefit from this platform. Especially, lesser experienced new designers go directionless and lose patience while exploring the platforms. They lose many freelance gigs from potential clients. A major reason for the failure is the lack of basic tactics to take advantage of the platforms.

How To Use Social Media To Get Clients

1. Create Quality Content

There are a lot of people who use Instagram. They do not spend time creating quality content. What you should do is to spend time on Instagram doing proactive things. Create content for your clients and friends. Then, share it and interact with everyone concerned. But make sure that your social media page design is engaging and attractive for visitors. This will help your content interact with the readers.


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2. Post consistently

If your social media goes dark for weeks at a time, you’re not doing yourself or your followers any favours. Waiting weeks, or even days, between posts can kill off the enthusiasm you’ve built up. This can lead to an uninterested audience or people jumping ship completely and unfollowing you.

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Make a schedule that suits your workflow and keep it up. It could be that you have new work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or perhaps you post your best work from the week on Sunday mornings. It doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking; it just needs to be consistent.


3. Respond To Each Comment

You should respond to every person who comments to your posts. There are many examples where people comment on a designer’s posts and the designer does not even say thank you. This is very weird. I think you should always reply to the comment. But most importantly, go to the profile page of the person who commented and retribute one of his posts. Then that person will come back to make another comment.

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This way, if you are going to have more people liking and commenting on your posts, you will have more engagement. This will result in more followers coming to your page and some of them may be your clients.


4. Give Real-Life Presentation

If you are not getting high paying clients then most probably you’re not focusing on the high quality of the presentation on social media. It is not just about creating a logo design and putting it on the Instagram straightaway. There is a lot you can do to appear a logo high quality and more elegant. So, search for quality mockups. There are so many mockups for free to make your logo look incredible. Just go to the other designer’s feed and find some interesting mockups and try them.

So, instead of creating a logo and making only one post about it, do 4-5 posts. You should show the sketches you did to create a logo. Show the logo in real life with mockups. You will surely see more clients coming. That is the way to attract clients with higher budgets.


5. How do you price your works?

The prices should not be fixed. So, do not put your prices online. There are a different amount of risks depending on the company you are working for. If the client is a really big company, why would you charge the same price that you charge a small client?

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Therefore, when a client contacts you, find out what the business is all about and ask questions regarding different backgrounds of the business. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of how much you should charge.



In conclusion, Social media is an effective platform that designers should use to their advantage in many ways. They can explore this medium to find out potential clients and convert them into hiring the designers. But graphic designers should give a real-life presentation through mockups of their logos, and create and post quality content on different social channels such as Instagram.…a-to-get-clients/


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